Whether you are a person who achieved your dreams or someone who gave up, you can transform yourself into someone who is satisfied with your decisions.

When I was a high school student, I belonged to the famous track and field club, which sends many athletes to national competitions. Many athletes longed to belong to this club and it was an honor to be member of this club.

While most of the fellows who joined the club were steadily surpassing their own records, I was struggling to exceed my personal best. After a lot of trouble, I decided to quit the club and gave up on my favorite sport.

The club coach encouraged me saying, “I believe that you have good qualities in track and field, so you have the potential to set new records in the future. But now you try to find a reason why you cannot do so. I see you are escaping from your weaknesses. When you face challenges in the future, do not give up on believing in your potential.  Instead of trying to figure out why you cannot do it, believe in yourself and keep your goals firmly”.

I regretted that I couldn’t stand up from my weakness and gave up on my favorite athletics. This bitter experience and the advice from the coach remained in my mind and became my driving force to stand up and face many difficulties in my life afterwards.

Those who realize their dreams and those who live satisfactorily without regrets, start by thinking “I can do it”. No matter how difficult it may be, it is important to believe in yourself. That you have the potential to make everything possible.

On the other hand, many people give up on their potential and do not take a challenge. Without showing their talents and abilities they end up doing nothing but looking at the difficulties and obstacles losing their confidence. They stop believing in themselves and eventually they become a person who doesn’t challenge anything.

Without believing in yourself, nothing will happen. No matter how much potential you may have, it is important to have a strong believe that you can accomplish anything. A clear image of yourself who has become able to be successful. Then, wisdom and ideas will come to your mind and you will be able to make things possible. Even if you face difficulties or challenges, you may have an invisible power. You may get inspiration to new methods or to a breakthrough.  A big change that will lead you to success.

Believe in yourself and keep a high vision of yourself. A high spirit. It is your driving force and will make your dreams come true. Now, can you think what is the highest vision you may have about yourself in any challenge?

If someone ever asks me if I want to go back in time and change the decision I made when I was a member of the Track and Field club in school, my answer is no. Because I have no regrets about my decisions that led to where I am today. All experiences I have been going through are my treasure. Sometimes I failed, and sometimes I didn’t get the results I expected, but no matter what the results, I always did the best I could. Especially bitter experiences enrich my vision of myself and helped me grow my hidden potentials.

girl running on grass field

Believe in yourself and keep a high vision and Spirit. Always doing your best is indeed your best quality. Make that your driving force and not only will your dreams come true but it will make you satisfied and happy with yourself growing in life!

Some times when I think about the highest vision I can have of myself I just pray to God and I ask him who am I… who you want me to be since you created all of us. I just open my heart to God’s vision of me and He always answers with Love…