In the Goseigen, the following is a prediction of the coming age:

The ‘haves’ who are elevated in the realm of the soul and spiritual body will be given more than before.”

I think what the Goseigen teaches us is already happening.

The visible world is a secondary realm, while the essence of everything is in the invisible spiritual world.

And your daily life is also just another manifestation of the spiritual side of you in the visible world.

Our physical body is also a mass of invisible waves, and the phenomena that happen in front of you are the reflection of your thoughts.

What the Goseigen tells us is that what we have in the world of the spirit will be manifested.

Of course, material objects and money are necessary for your living in this world.

However, they can never become the main subject of your life although material objects and money are necessary to advance God’s Divine Plan.

building interior

Therefore, the idea of “having it spiritually” will become more important in this age.

The good news is we know the way to have it spiritually as the “Three Pillars of Truth”.

Receiving truthfulness is one’s effort to receive the Light of God.

Giving truthfulness is to share the Light of God and teachings with your neighbors.

Dedicating truthfulness is to participate in the service of God.

The basics of those spiritual practices will never change, and our spiritual practice must always return to these basics.

Some of you may be worried about losing your job in the future economy.

However, if you pay attention to living in harmony with God, your life will surely move toward a direction that is in line with His Will.

It may become severely challenging; however, God surely shows you the way to follow in the end.

The secret to getting in tune with God is to be in contact with Divine Light daily.

We still can’t exchange Divine Light at the spiritual center yet, however, please continue to exchange the Light of God with your family at home.

If you are the only one in the family who has the Omitama, you can start from the neck points, avoiding the forehead (#8).

Being in touch with God’s Light is essential to enhance the vibrations that come from within you.

As the vibrations inside you rise, so do the vibrations that are brewing outside.

You will be sublimated into a giving self, and you will become the person to be given without asking for it.

Let’s stay firmly in touch with God’s light again this week.

Enjoy your life more, and stay tuned to World Divine Light.