Month: May 2020

Seeing your hidden blessings

Before the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus a pandemic on March 11, 2020, I didn’t feel any inconvenience in living a normal life every day. However, now that self-quarantine has begun, most of us are unable to go out or work as much as we could do before. I think many people have realized that their daily lives, before the pandemic, was actually blessed in many ways.

How many things have to happen in the past for us to be here now? Indeed every moment in our lives and everything that happens to us is precious and a blessing.  Whether or not you realize this point and think of your daily life as a blessing, this is a good time to realize all things are deeply interrelated. And we have to appreciate all the benefits of living together as a society.

A few weeks ago, I sent a Mother’s Day card to my mother in Japan from the U.S. I was surprised that it takes twice as long as usual to send international mail due to the Coronavirus pandemic. International mail is restricted because countries are locked down and international flights were dramatically decreased. I had never experienced such a situation before. I sent the card with my prayer that my card would be delivered safely to my mother in Japan.

After that, I was relieved when I learned that the card was safely delivered to my mother after a long process. For the first time, I knew that so many people were involved in the process of delivering a single message card from the U.S. to my mother in Japan. Moreover, people who delivered the card were in danger of being infected with the Coronavirus while on the job.

My mother was having uneasy days in anticipation of the spread of the Coronavirus and the economic crises predicted in the near future, but she was very pleased when she received a Mother’s Day card that brightened her day. Now, traveling to Japan is not possible and we do not know when we will be able to visit family. At least by sending a card to my mother I was able to feel close to her and show my gratitude. At the same time I was very grateful to the people who were involved in delivering the card to my mother because they helped me make her feel happy and better.

In Japanese, the word for “Thank you” is “Arigatou”. The origin of this word of appreciation comes from the word “Arigatashi”, and it is said that it was used when people offer gratitude to God when something impossible by human power was made possible.

 “Thank you ” is used to express gratitude, but it is not a word we should use only in special times. Because it is impossible to create all conditions to live our normal everyday life. In fact, the house we live in, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, etc. means that we are supported by many people.

And now a days you might have taken for granted that you have someone around you. You have a family. You have people at work, you have friends and you are not living alone. Many people have been supporting your life.

These days there are so many things you cannot do like before. Going to school, work or meeting people you want to see. But it is time when we can realize how much our lives are supported by many people. And now it is a great opportunity to show our gratitude to them.

Establishing indestructible happiness

If happiness could be measured, one thing is known for me:

It’s always “now” that my happiness is at its highest level.

I laugh with my family, spend most of the time for what I love to do, and work with great people every single day.

In the evening, I would look back on my day and think of tomorrow with gratitude.

How should we go further in helping people in the community?

How should we improve the support system in US & Canada guidance division?

Every day is filled with such excitement.

And even now, feeling of happiness continues to rise within me every day during the period of stay-home order due to the COVID-19.

If you look at the news, it’s all negative, but it doesn’t affect my happiness level at all.

Of course, I sincerely hope that the effects of the COVID-19 will be gone, the world economy will reopen as early as possible, and people will have regained peace of mind as soon as possible.

That being said, don’t let the current negativity mislead you.

Now is the time for your frequency to tune in to the frequency of Truth, Goodness and Beauty, which are matched with God’s frequency.

And without a doubt, I can assure you that today, again, my happiness is at the highest level in my life.

Why does the barometer of happiness continue to rise within so much?

I think it probably comes from my daily practice to tune in to God’s frequency.

“Faith in God” means to face toward God; going along with God’s frequency.

Praying to God and receiving His light is nothing more than adjusting your frequency to God’s frequency.

Everything that happens in front of you is a manifestation of the vibrations emitted by you.

We are taught that God has a plan, and we know that no matter what happens, God will lead mankind to a heavenly civilization.

These are very tough times right now, but the future of humanity is bright.

That’s why it’s important for us to be in tune with God on a daily basis and participate in God’s plan now.

person clapping its hand with sand

Put on the Omitama and surrender to Divine Light that comes from your hands.

Your nearest Divine Light center will open soon with the gradual economic reopening.

The divine light session is not possible at the moment due to the social distance restriction, however, please encourage you to visit the dojo to pray in front of the Divine Altar to tune in to God’s frequency strongly.

Goseigen, the collection of Holy Words, says:

“Heaven shall manifest within you.”

Let’s elevate the heaven within us and move forward in this challenging time.

Enjoy your life more, and stay tuned to World Divine Light.

Further strengthening our role

The missionary trip to other spiritual centers was my monthly routine.
I enjoy meeting the many kamikumites from the different spiritual centers throughout the US and Canada.

I was planning to travel to New York and Boston in April and then Suza in Japan May, but then the “Stay at Home” order was issued. Now those plans are on hiatus.

By spending much time with my family, however, I came to realize this is the best time to strengthen the bond with my family, especially as I kept leaving Emi and kids at home for so long.

All schools within the district are closed until September, the new school year, following the guideline by the governor, and now Emi and I have become teachers homeschooling our children.

I never thought I would have to essentially become my son’s substitute teacher, but by spending my time teaching Manato how to read and write, I simply thank God and say to myself “how lucky I am that I didn’t miss this chance to know what he learns at the school and see his growth together.”

The pandemic confusion is surely a tragedy, however, this stay-at-home period gave me another opportunity to grow and develop within my family.

By the same token, I also have new chances to improve my missionary work in World Divine Light.

We have been hard at work producing and expanding our video content of the Divine Teachings, and I am so grateful that many of you keep giving us positive feedback.
My intention to begin the online class with you is to encourage you all Kamikumites in this challenging time and providing the opportunity to deepen your faith.

The confusion brought by the pandemic can’t be the reason that we pause on our spiritual movement, rather, the US&Canada guidance division of World Divine Light is bringing up its supporting system to the next level, thanks to information technology,

Here, I would like to make the official announcement that the US&Canada guidance division will continue to provide the online class opportunity throughout the year, regardless of the stay-home order.
After all, your opportunity to learn the series of divine teachings will be supported by two layers in World Divine Light: the online class and the on-site class.

The online classes will have two formats; the on-demand class (recorded) and the live class. The first live class launched last Saturday, and I am so glad that people loved the live talk, followed by Q&A regarding the topic that they have just talked about.

The on-site class is the traditional class that each spiritual center will hold based on their schedules (after re-opening).

opened door of house

Those new types of systems, the online class is one of our answers for the pandemic, and I understand that the series of learning opportunities will be a source of your spiritual enrichment.

Enjoy your life more, and stay tuned to World Divine Light.

Sending a gift of love everyday

Are there days when you are not in the mood of doing anything?  I have some of those days.  When I am not up of doing anything, I pick just one task and I do it with much care and love. 

It does not have to be anything special.  It can be anything in your everyday life, such as brushing your teeth, putting on your make-up, or making coffee. 

Even such an ordinary action would make a difference to your mood if you give them a little more love and care.  You will find yourself feeling calmed and warm. This way, you become kind to yourself.

When you master giving yourself respect and love, then you naturally you will respect and love others. Try to do something ordinary but with much affection and care for someone else.  He or she will be pleased, which will also make you happier.   

For example, sending off a family member to work with words of encouragement and good wishes, like “Be safe and have a nice day!” these words will become an unseen power and would protect him/her from accidents and misfortune. 

When I was a child, I used to look forward to the afterschool snacks and a message card that my mother always prepared for her children.  She was working part-time and very busy but managed to find the time to make snacks so that her children would not feel lonely when they get home.  They were all simple things like a homemade pancake, fruits, or chocolates and a love message, but they were good enough for me to feel her love.  

Your kind thoughts with love become a warm light that wraps up the person you care about.  Even the person does not know where it comes from, he or she will feel warm and loved. 

closeup photography of white and orange petal flowers

Even in the depth of despair, you will know that someone is always sending you vibrations of love. You will feel more secure and happier.

I believe that the bonds we establish with people through thoughts of love and care are not limited by time or space and are universal. They make a big difference in people’s lives in the present and in the future.

So, send a gift of love every day to yourself and to someone special.  I guarantee you that at the end of the day you will find yourself feeling calmed and warm. This way, you become kind to yourself and it is a way for you to believe in the importance of your existence and that of others.

Believe in yourself for a happier life

Everyone born on earth are loved.

Everyone is born to live happily.

You have at least one gift from God that you are destined to bloom and share with others.

Everything has a meaning and so does our existence. Your life will start shining when you realize the meaning of your existence and believe in yourself. Encourage and keep telling yourself, “I am fine and able to overcome any challenge”, and “God never gives me a challenge that I cannot overcome”.

boy sitting on bench while holding a book

We are living in a turbulent time. But we have all we need to live happy life. Because the universe is filled with love and light, and everyone who was born on earth shall be blessed with them and live happily. 

With much love, in this series of essays, I will introduce you to simple and deep ideas to empower you to believe in yourself and experience more joy and happiness in your life.