To become a practitioner of Divine Light at World Divine Light, it is necessary to take a Divine Light Basic Seminar course.

One of the topics you will learn on the first day of this seminar is “rebirth”.

It teaches that even though the body will perish one day, the soul will continue to live on. Eventually, the soul will be reborn as a new life.

We believe most people have had multiple past-lives.

If you have a child who is gifted at something, there is a good chance that he or she is repeating the same thing in a previous life and the life before that.

An obvious example would be Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson was a child prodigy and his singing ability was outstanding since he was a child.

The human vocal range is usually expressed in 8 pitches, and the average human singing voice is 2 Octaves.

In Michael Jackson’s case, however, his vocal range was 4 Octaves in the normal case, and in his best performance, it was over 5 Octaves.

He was a singer who had a genius voice, and we call people with such idiosyncratic talents as “geniuses”.

However, it can be said that these so-called geniuses have also improved their abilities through repeated life-cycles.

For example, I believe that anyone can ride a bicycle, and most people have acquired a driver’s license.

But no one could drive a car or ride a bicycle like an expert on the first try.

You learn to ride a bicycle by using training wheels.

Once you start riding without the training wheel, you may fall over a few times.

Soon, however, you will be able to ride your bike naturally, without thinking about it.

Even if it’s a car, at first, you may ask your parent or a friend to ride in a passenger seat to practice, or you may ask a coach from a driving school to teach you how to drive.

Then you start to gain experience as a novice driver, and eventually, you’ll be able to drive without being aware of your hands behind the wheel or your foot on the accelerator. You’ll just pay attention to what’s ahead and around the car.

In this way, a person can grow gradually, and here we find what God expects of a person.

In other words, the purpose of life, as taught in the Rebirth of the seminar, is “polishing your soul”.

God wants you to grow, and the common purpose of life for mankind is to grow as children of God.

people raising hands with bokeh lights

Just as someone taught us how to ride a bike or a car, we have a teacher in our life’s purpose, “polishing our soul”.

The teacher of life is God, and we, the people, are His students.

I will continue this next week.

Enjoy your life more, and stay tuned to World Divine Light.