Even before we are born, and throughout our lives, we are exposed to cultural influences that shape our personality and sets us out in pursuit of our own happiness.

These cultural influences can be divided in to two main categories. The ones related to achieving happiness in the physical world and the ones related to achieving happiness in a more transcendental and spiritual way. Today I will share my thoughts about how we can harmonize these influences and attain real happiness.

Acquiring a good amount and quality of the first influences is necessary for us to flourish in the physical world. Being good, skillful citizens who contribute positively to society is an individual goal that benefits ourselves and our communities. Family, schools and universities prepare us for that.

Education is important so that every individual is able to play their roles and contribute with integrity to social progress and wellbeing.

Do we need more than the first type of influences to create a perfect society in which every individual has the opportunity to enjoy a good life and everlasting happiness?

When you think about the world we have created, the relationships between individuals, social groups and different countries, do you see a good portrait of the goals of the first influences we receive? We should be living in a perfect world.

What is missing?

Our education teaches us to be the best for the benefit of ourselves, families and society.  What is happening in reality to us as individuals? As a society we have not been able to create a perfect world for us, in which every individual has the opportunity to create and enjoy happiness.

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Another side of the first influences we receive since we are born are based on a negative aspect of self-centeredness. To think and act based on what is important and beneficial to “me only” without taking in consideration the benefit of others.

For example, while you are in adversity, have you ever been jealous or envious of others who were wealthier, better looking, more successful, more educated, etc.? Comparing ourselves to others often leads to depression and a greater sense of inadequacy.

This may drive you to compete with others, and if you don’t beat them, your jealousy and envy will grow stronger. Some times to the extent that our actions overshadow or remove the rights of other people, which is considered the first step of violence.

We compete against each other. We want to be and have the best for just our own benefit. We chase the physical world for everlasting happiness.

We live our lives outside of our core nature.

Lucky for us we have a second type of influence. The one that teaches us about the origin of the world and human beings and the purpose of life from the spiritual perspective. I am talking about Divine Teachings.

Divine Teachings, according to our beliefs, are originated in the Spiritual World.  These are revealed to special people like the first Oshienushi-sama who created the World Divine Light Organization.  Throughout human existence, God has nourished us through many special people to whom these teachings were revealed.

One fundamental idea in these teachings is about our true nature as humans.  In Japanese the name for Human is Hito.  It means the human who has the spirit of God within. We are the divided spirit of God, and that is our true nature. They bring us to our core nature.

As God’s children we are all equal and part of him.  We are part of his Great Love.

Why, then, do we have to compete when we are equal?  Why do we have to demonstrate to us and others we are better when we are part of God already?

Through Divine Teachings I have learned that we are born in this world to learn from it and realized our true nature as God’s children. Yes! We have to be and do our best in the physical world not only for our own benefit but for every one of us because we are God’s children.

God’s great plan is for us to be happy.  Creating a world ruled not by self-centeredness but centered in God, within us and spiritual principles for the benefit of all.  Heaven on Earth.

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As we live our lives centered in ourselves and for our own benefit, we create negative Karma. Impurities that block us from being our true self.  These impurities have to be scraped off and will appear as what we call “Cleansing Phenomena”. Health problems, lack of harmonious relationships, accidents and all kinds of misfortunes.  God intends to bring us back to our original state of happiness. 

Fortunately, God, has granted us the art of Divine Light to purify and clean these accumulated impurities.  By receiving Divine Light our accumulated Karma, is gradually reduced bringing peace and happiness into our lives. 

Divine Teaching and Divine Light together are God’s arrangements for us to rekindle our true and forgotten divine nature.  We may look different in the physical world.  We may play different roles in life and we earn our living in different ways.  But there is no real difference because spiritually we are God’s children.

I like the prayer “The I of True Self” from the prayer book page 149.  There is a part that says:

“I have seen another existence in the depths of the physical body, which seems truly existent. There exists The I of True Self that eternally allows us to be Hito. The one with a divine Soul within”.

The World Divine Light Organization is dedicated to teaching the Divine Principles and the practice of Divine Light. Promoting altruistic love in our communities based on spiritual volunteer activities, we are creating heaven on earth and bringing happiness to people. 

I think you will feel real happiness when you see yourself as God’s child and express your love to others. The third Oshienushi-sama wrote in his book Life Renascence:

“Brush up your talents and exercise them to the utmost. Hold a great intention day and night. Live each moment in all seriousness and make continuous efforts towards your goal”.

Now it is a good time for you to live your life based on a Spirit Primary Principle.

Be the Light and shine with no limits!