Everything in the Universe flows and circulates. We are alive in the great cycle. Water continues to flow without staying in one place. It changes its shape freely according to environment and place without losing its essence and bringing abundant blessings to humans and nature. It seems that water flowing is teaching us how to live our life in the great cycle of life.

I visited Yosemite National Park, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. There, I saw Giant Sequoia trees, thousands of years old. Gigantic granite formations like El Capitan and Half Dome were formed over ten million years.

While I was there, I felt my body and spirit being energized. Being surrounded by majestic nature, I felt I was part of their great cycle of life.

Yosemite Falls caught my attention vividly.  I was looking at the stream of water falling from 2,425 feet high that seemed to go on forever. The Stream of water looked the same but never had the same shape even for a second. The water fall was never the same because it was carrying new water every second.

green trees near mountain during daytime

Where does this stream of water come from? With that in my mind, I found that the water I was looking at was part of larger water cycle.

Water evaporates into clouds, which create rain, and the rain on the mountains flows into a river again. Water is constantly flowing while repeating a cycle.

Everything on earth, including human beings, are shaped by this cycle.

For example, our body is made up of a tremendous number of cells, about 60 trillion. Every cell in our body also has a cycle of life.  Every cell in our body is replaced every four years. So, at the cellular level, I’m literally a completely different person from four years ago.

I have been here in America, for four years. That means my whole body has been renewed thanks to the cycle of life. Can I say the same about my thoughts and feelings? Have they continued changing and growing as a person and spiritually?  Have those aspects like thoughts and emotions naturally continued to evolve following the same life cycle?

Sometimes we stop growing.  We get stuck because of difficult and changing circumstances and not being able to adapt and learn from past experiences. Sometimes it is easy to remain still and comfortable without facing new challenges.

I think remaining still is not the solution for any challenge.  Learning from the past and starting all over again will allow us to continue growing and flowing like water in the cycle of life.

There is an old proverb, “let all things past, pass”.

 I think this proverb has a deep meaning. Water does not stay in the same place and always flows. Water pushes away everything in its path. Not only bad things, but good things as well. Everything that breaks from this flowing in life becomes stagnated and nothing comes out of it.

To me, “Let all things past, pass” also means not to hold on to sadness, regret or anger forever. It is you who has to suffer and it is you who cannot move on to a new world for you waiting to be discovered. While everything is flowing, you will miss to get something new if you do not adapt and learn from past experiences.

When you let yourself be free from being trapped or being afraid to change and dedicate your best efforts under any conditions, your true nature will show and flourish.

No matter the circumstances of today, we can always and should free ourselves of the past and move on to express and shine our true nature.

It is always good to start everything all over again! Always!