I often felt sorry for horses when I was a kid.

In the days when there were no cars, horses were one of the primary resources for labor.

In America, it was common for pioneers to ride on horses to get around, and often the horses would carry people in a wagon.

Whatever people’s intention is, I felt sorry for the horses as they had to run and run, while unable to disobey people’s commands.

The horses still run in today’s car-driven society such as horse racing.

Horses used to be the mobile power for people in the past, but today they are used as a means of entertainment. (I don’t mean to criticize the horse racing though)

I felt sorry for them as a child when looking at such poor horses.

According to a biologist, however,

“Horses love to run.”

It is true that we, too, suffer from pain at first when we jog, but at a particular moment, we feel comfortable.

There are moments when we suffer at first, but at a particular moment, the pain turns to comfort within the body.

This comfort is called a runner’s high, and I wonder if the joy of running is stronger for horses than for people.

If so, then perhaps the horse has been given the role of running by God.

The horse must feel joy in fulfilling its God-given role of “running.”

God has given every living thing in the universe a particular role in this way.

Every animal also has a particular role to play and are created to feel joy when fulfilling their purpose.

girl riding horse near ramps during sunset

Then how does a person who is a child of God feel joy?

I believe that each human being, without exception, feels joy in his or her growth.

“I can now ride a bike!”

“I can ski now!”

“I’m getting better at singing!”

“I’m getting better at drawing!”

“I can now make delicious food with new recipes!”

It’s a great feeling to be able to do things that you couldn’t do before.

And I think people feel great joy when their growth is recognized by others. Real self-esteem is earned.

Why do you feel happy when you can do the things you were not able to do before?

Why is it helpful to be recognized by the people around you?

I believe this is because God created His children to rejoice in their growth.

And the story of your growth does not end with this life.

After birth, the ability we have in this life is the accumulation of experiences from previous lives.

And in this life, we can refine the abilities we developed in the previous experience and grow even more by the time we go back to the astral world, another dimension after death.

When you are reborn in the next life, you will be able to start a new journey based on the growth you have built up in this life.

After all, life is the story of the growth of your soul.

The good news is that the experiences you have built up as you grow are yours alone.

Someone can steal your belongings or money.

But your life experiences are etched into your soul can’t be taken by anyone else.

The experiences you accumulate for your growth will remain as your eternal treasure.

Then why did God create a system that allows people’s souls to continue to grow?

Here is the mechanism of God’s governing system.

I will continue next week.

Enjoy your life more, and stay tuned to World Divine Light.