One of the most important topics that I talk about in the Divine Light basic seminar is God’s Divine Plan.

God, who created this universe, has a purpose.

His purpose is to imagine a civilization where people, the children of God, would live happily in a heavenly kingdom on earth like God’s world.

This is the reason why He created the sun and the earth, made people to live on it, and sent us down to earth.

God’s plan is moving forward on a scale of hundreds of billions of years.

So why did God decide to create heaven on earth in the first place?

That’s because God had an artistic mind.

The universe, the sun, the moon, the earth, it’s all God’s art.

Every living thing is also God’s art.

The beauty of God’s art is that it prospers permanently once His art is imagined.

And we, mankind, are God’s highest works of art.

Among all God’s art, people are the highest art, and they are created as God’s representatives on earth.

All people on earth are equal before God, and they are all children of the same God.

The country is now being rocked not only by the coronavirus, but also by the issue of race in the US.

Various arguments are being preached against racism, but our answer to this racial issue is clear:

‘All people are equal before God.’

This idea is indisputable.

Each race has its own role that God has given to them, and all people have their own role to play.

What roles people are given?

All roles are to realize His great project, creating a heavenly civilization.

God’s plan is being carried out on a time scale of hundreds of billions of years, and the Kingdom of God will continue to advance according to His plan.

When we think about this grand plan of God, we can understand the mechanics of the reincarnation that I have been telling you about for the last week.

We are given a role when we come down to this earth, but that role is not a temporary one.

Each one of us has a role to play every time we are reincarnated, and hopefully we will fulfill our role given to us by God and return to the astral world.

And the good news is that as we try to fulfill our role, our abilities keep improving.

And the growing opportunity gives people joy.

That’s why people are happy when they can see their own growth, and others recognize your growth.

And what happens when people’s rebirths continue?

More experienced souls are coming into the world and the world is getting closer to the kingdom of God.

multicolored striped flag during daytime

In fact, there has never been a more evolved period in human history than now.

This is because God’s children are growing, and human civilization is evolving at an ever-increasing rate throughout human knowledge.

This is the purpose of man’s continuous growth.

However, even as human beings are evolving, there are unfortunate tragedies happening in many parts of the world, such as conflict and deprivation.

There is a clear reason why those tragedies keep happening.

We will continue next week.

Enjoy life more, and stay tuned to World Divine Light.