A friend of mine told me her incredible story about a narrow escape from death.

One day, she arrived home after having a long day.  She did not eat due to her busy schedule. After changing her outfit, the first thing she did was rush into the kitchen to cook something.  She was so hungry that she needed a hot meal as quickly as possible.  Once she began cooking, her phone, which was upstairs, began to ring.  Normally, this would be regarding as an annoying situation.  People do not want to be interrupted while in the middle of something.  Besides, her phone was too far away to answer.  

But then she felt a strange urge to answer this call.  The feeling quickly intensified, “I NEED TO ANSWER THE PHONE”.  So, she stopped cooking and ran upstairs to get the phone.  Then, a few moments after picking up her phone, she heard an ear-breaking crash from downstairs.  She ran downstairs to check what happened there.  She could not believe what she saw.  The kitchen was devastated. The whole kitchen ceiling had collapsed and smashed all the appliances.  If she had not gone upstairs to answer the phone, she would have been killed or severely injured by the falling ceiling.  Fortunately, she was completely safe. This phone call saved her life.  Something let her leave behind her phone upstairs, which is the safest place out of this situation.  Someone called her in the perfect timing so that she would escape from the falling ceiling.  She was not using fire to cook at that time.  If one of these factors did not happen at the same time, she would have a different future.  She concluded her story saying, “it must have been an angel protecting me.”  

In our lives, those miraculous and unbelievable experiences of narrow escapes from deadly situations can happen. 

Some people may say that it was the coincidence.  Others might say, “She was simply very lucky.”

In our Basic Practitioner Seminar, there is the teaching of “Guidance from Guardian Spirits.”

Generally speaking, minors should be accompanied by their guardian.  As such, each individual has a invisible connection with entity called “guardian spirit(angel).”  It does not matter who you are, how old you are or what kind of position you have, but we are all accompanied by guardian spirits. In my friend’s case, it must have been the arrangements from her guardian spirits.  

Then, what is the mission of the guardian spirits?  The answer is to protect and guide us behind the scene from heaven.  They are watching over us for 24 hours seven days a week, even while we sleep.    They are like the parents looking after their children to protect from danger and guide them to have a better result.  They are doing their best to protect the person so that they can have smooth life, avoid misfortune and meet relevant person.   They could even remind us to finish the homework or bring an umbrella with you.  We all have their back-up supports every moment from heaven.

woman wearing white angel wings

Let me also share one of my own experiences. 

One day, I headed to the office for an appointment.  When I arrived at my office, I realized that I left my phone at home.  It was a few hours of the appointment, so I thought that I could survive without my phone.  However, I remembered that there was delivery arriving at the office and I needed the phone to have the confirmation.  So I made an unexpected trip back to my home to pick up my phone with my small frustration accusing myself how come I left my phone at my apartment. After picking my phone up in the living room, I somehow went to the kitchen to check the food stock in the pantry. To my big surprise, my eyes caught the smallest flame of fire in my cooking stove.  Instantly, I turned it off the fire.  I found bigger carelessness of mine than leaving the phone at home.  I thanked God and my guardian spirits for this special arrangement to avoid awful accident which I might have caused.

Ever since this experience happened to me, conveying my gratitude towards my guardian spirits became one of my routines. Simply, I say in my mind, “Dear guardian spirits, thank you very much for your hard work to protect me from heaven.”  

The chain of gratitude and “Thank you” will bring another positive consequence.   “Thank you” is the magic words to build a powerful relationship with God, our guardian spirits and people around us.  If you send out your positive energy of “Thank you” around you, the vibration of “Thank you” will definitely come back to you.  I strongly believe this small habit will build a stronger connection with our guardian spirits.  Your guardian spirits will adore your acknowledgment and they will give you their utmost guidance, support, and protection.  This is tiny secret from heaven.

Sharing how you are grateful for your surroundings including your own angels from heaven, you will find pieces of happiness which will lead you to have a blessed and successful life.