Life has its ups and downs like a roller coaster.

When you face challenges and trials, what do you always think about it?

It might be difficult to avoid getting depressed about the challenges and trials and to accept the fact easily.

The good news is that challenges and trials basically happen before things around you change to the positive way, and it always comes from God’s Great Love.

According to Divine Teachings, God’s Great Love consists of two essences, “Great Mercy” and “Great Strictness”.

The nature of “Great Mercy” is mild and tender, and it refers “Salvation”.

On the other hand, “Great Strictness” is signified as tests and exams given by God through various challenges and trials.

If God’s Love is only mild and tender, most people surely rely on His gentleness and tenderness, and it might postpone improving ourselves.

Since God loves His children very much, He prepares not only blessings and rewards but also challenges and trials for their improvement as necessary.

The challenges and trials manifest various events that most people believe as misfortunes, such as disease, conflicts, financial issues, and so on.

God silently and quietly watches over His children to see what kind of action they will take after giving them tests.

Sooner or later, God puts them in another test and examines what they do.

In addition, God is not cruel, so He occasionally blesses “Salvation” to His children.

By repeated test and salvation, God tries to improve not only their behavior or deeds but also to positively develop their spirits.

The combination of “Great Mercy” and “Great Strictness” helps human beings to evolve each soul through accumulating experience.

Besides, we can help many people through our own testimonies that we overcame the challenges and trials following the Universal Law.

When I was a high school student, I suddenly faced a severe health condition.

I couldn’t attend class even though I wanted to be there.

The situation depressed me so much, but only thing I could do was receive and give Divine Light.

After engaging in the sessions of Divine Light, my health condition somehow became better, and I was really happy to move freely for the sake of God and the sake of others.

silhouette photo of man on cliff during sunset

After overcoming the challenges, I enrolled in the college of World Divine Light in order to become a missionary.

I have met many people who struggled with health issues like I had.

I developed the confidence to encourage them through my testimonies.

Without challenges and trials in the past, I guess it was difficult to understand it and grasp the joy of helping others through the Divine Services.

Those experiences in the World Divine Light Organization have shaped my character.

If you face challenges and trials, please accept it and confront difficulties with your hope and expectation that you will discover something new in yourself and become the the shining Light in your family and society.

May God help you to open the next door!