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Miracles by Divine Light

Su-God and Oshien­ushi-sama, thank you for allowing me to share my thanksgiving report on the day of the Joint Anniversary Ceremony of America Guidance Division and the 22nd Anniversary Ceremony of SMBK-USA.

I was 8 years old when my dad decided to leave us. I am the oldest of five; therefore, I had to take care of my brothers and sisters. I had to wash clothes by hand and I carried water in the house; the water faucet was about a block away from the house. I had to wait in line two or more hours to fill the buckets of water then carry the heavy buckets filled with water in the house. I had to light the charcoal to put it in the iron and wait for the iron to be heated. Now I am ready to iron their cloths. It’s time to bath my brothers and sisters. Now they are clean and changed. It’s time for me to cook. I need to start a fire to light the charcoals and started cooking. This was a normal day for me. We never had toys and the privilege to go to school was never there. We wished to be tucked in bed. In Addition, we wanted mom to read us a book. That was a luxury and not available for us. We barely saw our mother. She had to work from five am to ten pm. Su-God protected and guided all of us since we had no Mom and Dad who could guide and protect us. Although I had hard time in my childhood, in my young age, I always wanted to serve and contribute for people to be free from pain and suffering.

In July 2006, I receive a flier of SMBK-USA. When I saw the flier, I said, “Oh!! This is what I was looking for.” On April 1999, when a Doctor told me that my mother had only few hours to live, I had a strong vision on giving light to my mother; I started to give her light. I was asking God, “Please don’t take my mother, please don’t.” Since then I wanted to give light to others and started to search. I was looking for a way to learn how to give light. But I felt empty as I couldn’t find anything related to giving Light. However, the flier of SMBK reaffirmed my vision. After a week of receiving the first purification, I took the Basic Seminar and became Kamikumite (A Member of World Divine Light Organization). Finally, I knew that I could do what Su-God wants me to do!!

After I became Kamikumite, I had beautiful experiences through the Art of Divine Light practice. Although I had many challenges in my Divine Services until today, every opportunity turned out to be wonderful.

For example, taking the Intermediate Seminar in June 2008 was very, very, challenging for me. There were many obstacles, such as giving up a job interview for the seminar, having hard time to finish the requirement exam to take the seminar, and having a car trouble on the second day of the seminar. I made an effort to make this happen no matter what! After those struggles during the Intermediate Seminar, I realized that one of the content of the Intermediate Seminar is about the world of ancestors. As a matter of fact I was able to feel the presence of my mom right next to me during the seminar. My mom has been dead for the past 10 years and it was the first time after her death that I saw her face right next to me, and she was smiling. I thought she was happy that I’m in SMBK. It was great experience to have her presence with me. I realized that even though I had several obstacles to complete this seminar, thanks to my mom’s help, I could focus on what I needed to do. I know for a fact that this made her happy. I know that at this time, my mom was happier than ever. I was touched I could save my mom even after she passed away. Then, I seriously started to guide people.

During my Divine Services last four years, I was able to witness many miracles.

In 2008, my friend Maria Castro had no job for a few months. Although she had applied in several places, nobody called her back for the interviews. She wanted to take the Basic Seminar in May 2008 but she had no money. I told her to fill out an application and offer it in front of the Divine Altar. She obediently offered the application, and then, the next day she received a phone call for an interview and they gave her the job, which allowed her to take the seminar.

Six month later Maria’s work permit was denied then came to find out that she had a deportation order from the immigration after being on home arrest for over one year. She visited several attorneys. Her sister paid several thousands of dollars. Then after the deportation order was in place, attorneys said there is nothing that could be done and she would have to leave the country. They all said the same thing. However, I told her that if she is involved in this organization, she will be guided, protected in accor­dance with God’s Will and everything will be alright. Then within a few months, the immigration sent her a work permit. Now she also has a social security number. The attorneys were surprised by such a miracle.

My brother in law, Fernando Chavez, had several anxiety attacks every day. Each time, his family would take him to the hospitals but they could not find anything wrong. The doctors would give him medication and his anxiety attacks would increase on a daily basis. The number of his attacks grew up to 15 or more per day, and his blood pressure went up. He got to a point that he couldn’t work, drive, and live a normal life. I invited him to an open house that I held on March 2010. After the first time he received purification, we could see the difference in his face. He also said he felt much better. After the second time of receiving purification, his anxiety attacks almost vanished. He was able to drive a small distance. After the 4th time of receiving purification, the doctor took him off the medications, and he is now able to work, drive and live a normal life. The miracles did not stop there. Within a few days, somebody offered him a mobile home. He didn’t have to be qualified for it; no long paper work was necessary, nothing. Within days, he moved from his small apartment to this big double wide 3 bedroom 2 bathrooms mobile home.

Another miracle; on May 6 2010, Ms. Rosa Lopez had surgery for two tumors; ovaries and uterus were removed. The tumors were so big that they looked like a baby’s head. Two weeks past by and the pathologist told her to go see a specialist. She was surprised at learning that another surgery needed to be performed because the doctor found cancer cells. She was worry, sleepless and depressed until she saw a flier about the Art of Divine Light. She called me and asked if I can take her to the center, and I gladly agreed. In the meantime, she kept seeing a doctor. After five times of receiving the Divine Light, she went to see the specialist. The specialists were surprised at the new studies; they told her, “Don’t worry. You don’t need to have another surgery or chemotherapy. Everything seems to be a miracle.”

The other miracle that I would like to share is about Mr. Jorge Lopez. I met him through another person. He was looking for a room to rent, and I wanted to help him. Talking with him, I learned that in his construction work he got asbestos in his lungs. I heard him having breathing difficulty. I forgot all about the room and was paying attention on his breathing problem. I asked him if he would come with me to the center but he said that he was too weak to get out of his room so I asked if he would allow us to give him Divine Light, and he agreed. Then, immediately I called Irvine center and talked to a Doshi (a minister), she agreed to go to his house, and Jorge re­ceived Divine Light. That night he said he fell asleep without taking the morphine for pain. Not only he slept very well, but the next day, he was able to go to the bank, then he went to make a payment and he even went grocery shopping. That is more than he had been able to do for a long time. Then after that night, he decided to drive to the center on a daily basis.

Now I focus on how I can expand the word of the Art of Divine Light to everybody anytime and anywhere but I also make an effort to do some Divine Services, such as flier distribution, making follow up phone calls to non-member, or providing people with the transportation to center. And I am also an assistant Group Coordinator of Group 2 from this year and I’m taking care of member who speak Spanish. I am glad that I can help people to make the difference in their life’s.

How can I spread the divine teachings and Practice? My concrete idea is that I can have more Open Houses, and those people that come can invite more people and we can have more open houses until togeth­er we can make a difference in the world. I invite everybody to spread the Divine teachings together we will make it a better world.

My biggest wish and plan in my life is to make the difference in the world to be full of love, happiness, companionship, peace and harmo­ny!

Thanks to Su-God and Oshienushi-sama, we can convey the law of the Universe and the Art of Divine Light to serve the world. Thank you very much for guiding us and for your protection and for making this Divine Light available for the world. The 51st Grand Anniversary Festival has been completed and we are now ready to start the active movement to reach the number of people here America. I will make my best effort to be of contribution to the worldwide expansion. Please continue to provide us with protection and guidance.

Su-God, and Oshien­ushi-sama, thank you so much indeed.

– Irma Barrera

God Knows the Timing When One Should Serve Him

On November, 2008, I started having pain on my right side from my hip to my legs. At the time, I already knew about the SMBK because three of my sisters already took the Basic Seminar and became members.

My husband and I sometimes received divine light, but I did not go to the center continually. I put my priority to my own tasks always made excuses for not going to center for offering Divine Service. However, in my opinion, God knows the timing when the one should serve Him. In the middle of December, the pain of my hip and legs became severe and I couldn’t walk without having support from my husband.

When I ride a car, my husband carried my legs into a car. I told this situation to my sister, Elena. She suggested me that I should go to center more so that I can cleanse the spiritual impurities and toxins which I have accumulated. However, in order to enter the center, we have to use stairs, which was impossible for me. Then my sister told me to come to her house and she performed the Art of divine light to me there. She told me that I should go to center and receive divine light to my soul and spirit if I wish to recover from my problem. The day when I went to my sister’s house to receive divine light, I had a very severe pain. When she touched the vital spot, I felt strong pain and I almost cried.

On that day, after I went back to my house, the pain got better but I started having diarrhea somehow from the night. Then I called my sister to tell the situation; she told me that it was the cleansing phenomena because the toxin in my body melted. The next day, I went to her house again to receive divine light. After receiving the divine light, I became able to walk along and I was very grateful to God. Since then, the pain of my hip and legs became better and better. From the following week, I started going to center everyday with my husband and I attended the Basic Seminar with him from January 24th to 26th, 2009.

Thanks to God, we are living healthy without having any problems. In November, 2009, we were allowed to take the Intermediate Seminar. We are enjoying every day with members of Divine Light Family while witnessing the wonderful experience. Thank you very much.

– Adela Anzar Manzo

Thank God for His Wonderful Arrangements!

Mioya-Moto-Su-Mahikari-Ohomikami-sama (Su God), Oshienushi-sama, thank you very.much for allowing me and my husband Dennis to participate in welcoming Oshienushi-sama in his first visit to current New York Center.

In July 2010, we received an e-mail from our doshi (Ministers) that Oshienushi-sama will visit New York center. Immediately my husband told me that he would like to participate in this event.

Although his schedule and his condition were unpredictable due to his illness; I did not hesitate to prepare our trip to New York.

As the date was upcoming for the trip, my husband was having cleansing such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and diarrhea. Every morning the moment he got up he cough and sneeze simultaneously. Th.is happened everyday; as I observed him.

Two days before the trip to New York, my husband was having severe cleansing and since he was concerned of dehydration he checked himself to the hospital. The doctor and medical staff did not find anything wrong and he was diagnosed with gastroenteritis. Speculating on, that he ate; he did not have any appetite for three days prior to his emergency visit.

On the day, we were leaving Chicago for New York. He had finished his treatment and was very weak to walk in the airport. I requested assistance from the Airline in advanced but he did not want to use this privilege; he said he would walk through the gate. I was concerned about his action because every time he does things beyond his capacity his body cannot tolerate it. And he ends up in the hospital. As our plane took off, I offered a prayer for a safe travel.

When we arrived at our hotel in New York, my husband was very tired and had no appetite. I gave him Divine Light and he fell asleep.

We got up early. the next morning to prepare ourselves before going to the center to participate in welcoming Oshienushi-sama.

We arrived at the center early and was allowed to offer Divine Service with other member. The time finally came and Oshienushi-sama arrived at the New York center. We were so happy to greet him and be in the presence of his aura.

The last time I met Oshienushi-sama was at the 50th Grand Anniversary Festival, in Japan; and the feeling of meeting him again at New York center was so profound I felt enlightenment in my soul and unexplained happiness.

I try to be with Oshienushi-sama every time I have the chance to see him in the USA or in Japan; because I believe that once we are no longer in this world; there are no other chances to be with him.

The Oshienushi-samas are always going to the divine spiritual world, and humans cannot go to the astral world; unless we become a holy one and become one of them.

During the communication part; each member was given a chance to talk to Oshienushi-sama. As I shared the story of my husband’s cleansing to Oshienushi-sama, he got up from his chair and asked if he can give Divine Light to my husband. My husband, Dennis, was allowed to receive the Divine Light of God from Oshienushi-sama directly and we were both grateful to God for this wonderful arrangement.

After Oshienushi-sama left the New York center, Dennis and I along with other member exchanged Divine Light there, and in addition, we offered some wonderful food, which was prepared with love and sincerity. To my surprise my husband’s appetite came back and he enjoyed the feast.

Our flight schedule was on the same day and we left the center and arrived at the arrival gate at the airport earlier than the scheduled time.d

I observed that my husband’s energy level was high. He walked faster than usual; especially, when we arrived at the O’Hare airport in Chicago. The distance from the arrival gate to the baggage pickup was long. He only stopped to wait for me since he walked faster than I was; I was left behind catching my breath.

Day by day, I notice the changes to my husband’s condition physically, mentally, and mostly spiritually. He got more energy, positive attitude and was more happy. He did not pay much attention to his physical cleansing. Thank God for his wonderful arrangements! We pray that we will be allowed to meet Su-God’s expectations to expand the Divine Light and teachings in our area, so that, we can welcome Oshienushi­-sama in Illinois.

Thank you very much for allowing us to share our wonderful experiences.

– Clemencia Suritis

Spreading God’s Love in a Children Day Care Centre

After coming back from 50th Grand Anniversary Festival, I received lots of work opportunities and I started work as a full­-time worker for a children day care centre. I truly believed that it was Su-God’s arrangement for me to spread his love and share his divine light to people. Therefore, I try to give divine light to kids and the environment as much as I can.

There is a boy whom has constipation, and he is not good at defecating by himself. When he needs to have a bowel movement, he always strains hard and is in pain. Then we always tap his back so that he can smoothly defecate, however he always has a difficult to make it because of constipation. I try to give him Divine Light around his kidney areas as much as I can.

One day, he came to me for help and I encouraged him to keep trying. While I was patting his back, I gave divine light to his lower back. Soon after that, he could defecate without a difficulty. It was the moment when I truly felt the wonders of the Art of Divine Light.

Since then, he started coming to me when he needs to use toilet. From his viewpoint, what I am doing for him is the same as other helpers; patting his back. But I believe that he experienced the miracle of Divine Light that he could defecate without having a hard time. He experienced the Light and also he was saved by the Divine Light.

We are likely to have logic concerning the unseen world, but I came to realize if we perform the Art of Divine Light with our obedience, God will save us. I really appreciate Su-God’s arrangement and using me through my work. I am able to see the miracle by performing the art of divine light.

I thank God for giving me this miracle.

– April Lee

I Received Many Protections From God While Having Breast Cancer

I had surgery for breast cancer on July 13th, 2004. Actually, I knew there was a small lump on my right breast, but it was diagnosed as being a minor mastopathy. So I thought there was no reason to seek treatment. However, it gradually got bigger, so I finally went to a hospital in June, 2004; ten months after I first noticed the lump. The lump had grown to the size of two inches. To the worst, after
examinations, the lump was a cancer.

On that night, I called my sister to tell her about the matter. Immediately, she came to my house. My sister is a nurse, and she told me, “It is a huge cancer. Your life will end within three to five months.” I was so shocked to hear that.

I had heard about the Dojo (Center) and testimonies of Tekazashi (Divine Light) before from my sister. I agreed with her offer to visit the Dojo that night.

After returning to my house from the Dojo, surprisingly, lots of black feces were discharged as diarrhea. The next day, I had black colored diarrhea. Also large amounts of pus discharged from my eyes. Then I took the Basic Mahikari (World Divine Light Organization) Seminar that month.

After that, I had had the doctor examine my breast, and brain, to check for metastasis of the cancer. But, nothing was found. I think the toxins in my body were discharged as black diarrhea and eye puss.

I am very grateful to the Vice Senior Director and Doshi who persisted in giving me Okiyome (Divine Light). Thank you very much indeed.

I went to Su-za to participate in the Monthly Commencement Ceremony the following month. Su-za was a very magnificent place to be as my mind was refreshed and I felt warmth in my heart. I apologized for my immaturity and offered my gratitude to God for His protection.

Then on July 13th, I had surgery to remove the cancer. For half a year, I had to undergo chemotherapy and I lost all the hair on my body. However, I was totally fine. I did not feel nauseous or anorexic, which is usually caused by the chemotherapy. I was able to go to Su-za with my sister every month.

In January 2005, I could attend the New Year’s communication party, and thankfully, Oshienushi-sama performed Okiyome to me. From that night, I discharged black diarrhea and pus for four days. From March, I was able to go back to work.

Now, one and half years have passed since having surgery, and eight months since the completion of chemotherapy, my hair had grown back well. Now, I go to the hospital every three months for a check up. It was a hard time for me to experience Misogi-Harahi, but I was able to reflect upon myself during that period.

I had received many miraculous arrangements and protection from God and Oshienushi-sama, but I have not repaid my gratitude for it. I would like to make my best effort to visit the Dojo as much as I can to be used by God. Thank you very much indeed.

– Chiyomi Honda