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How Wonderful Divine Light Is!

On April 26th, I was in Naucalpan to participate in an Open House activity of The Art of Divine Light Practice. At the time, I felt uncomfortable for some reason, so I called my elder sister. She told me that she was very worried about her son who was infected by a virus. The following day, I called her again to ask about his condition. She told me that my nephew started having blisters and eczema appeared, and he was not able to sleep over the night.

My nephew is four years old. He is usually very lively, and dances around the place while singing. But at that time he was very sick. The next day, I went to see him. He was obviously very sick and accompanied by chills. He had not slept for two days nor had he been able to eat. His eczema created severe itching, and he didn’t want to be touched by anything because it was so painful. The sores on his skin became white and puffed up like a volcano. I offered my sister to give him Divine Light and she permitted me.

Right after I began to perform The Art of Divine Light to the area around his navel, he started to relax. Then I gave Divine Light to the rash, and the swelling went down. The white blisters turned red. Moreover, its center became black-red. I was very moved that it changed so quickly and dramatically. When I touched his kidney to find the spot, he shouted because of the pain around there. But after I performed The Art of Divine Light, he said that he did not feel any pain. Then I gave Divine Light to other spots. When I was giving it to spot #3, he started smiling. His mother (my sister) asked him if he felt something. He replied that he felt warm and very comfortable. I gave Divine Light to his blisters which were located on the back of his ear. We witnessed the inflammation subside dramatically. When I touched the back of his neck to find the spot, I found a big hard part. It felt very painful for him. I let my sister touch it to see how hard it was. After performing Divine Light, it did not disappear completely, but it became smaller and the pain decreased. At last, I gave Divine Light to his lower back, and his eczema started to subside and the blisters changed to scabs.

Thirty minutes later I finished Divine Light and his complexion became well, and he gained his appetite. He was able to drink milk, eat fruit, and other things. After that, he started sleeping without feeling itchy. These phenomena all happened in the morning. I went to see him again at night. He almost got well. I checked his back. The blisters which were located around the part where I performed Divine Light were dry. But the part where I did not give Divine Light still had blisters. My nephew asked me to give him Divine Light because he felt itchy. Surprisingly, his condition became well, and he started singing and dancing! My sister understood that his condition was caused by cleansing phenomena and spiritual impurities. Then she offered her appreciation to God. While I was observing his change, I was very grateful that the Divine Light helped him to recover from this Sickness. Thank you very much indeed.

– Mariana Maya López (Mexico Colima Center)

I Received Many Protections From God While Having Breast Cancer

I had surgery for breast cancer on July 13th, 2004. Actually, I knew there was a small lump on my right breast, but it was diagnosed as being a minor mastopathy. So I thought there was no reason to seek treatment. However, it gradually got bigger, so I finally went to a hospital in June, 2004; ten months after I first noticed the lump. The lump had grown to the size of two inches. To the worst, after
examinations, the lump was a cancer.

On that night, I called my sister to tell her about the matter. Immediately, she came to my house. My sister is a nurse, and she told me, “It is a huge cancer. Your life will end within three to five months.” I was so shocked to hear that.

I had heard about the Dojo (Center) and testimonies of Tekazashi (Divine Light) before from my sister. I agreed with her offer to visit the Dojo that night.

After returning to my house from the Dojo, surprisingly, lots of black feces were discharged as diarrhea. The next day, I had black colored diarrhea. Also large amounts of pus discharged from my eyes. Then I took the Basic Mahikari (World Divine Light Organization) Seminar that month.

After that, I had had the doctor examine my breast, and brain, to check for metastasis of the cancer. But, nothing was found. I think the toxins in my body were discharged as black diarrhea and eye puss.

I am very grateful to the Vice Senior Director and Doshi who persisted in giving me Okiyome (Divine Light). Thank you very much indeed.

I went to Su-za to participate in the Monthly Commencement Ceremony the following month. Su-za was a very magnificent place to be as my mind was refreshed and I felt warmth in my heart. I apologized for my immaturity and offered my gratitude to God for His protection.

Then on July 13th, I had surgery to remove the cancer. For half a year, I had to undergo chemotherapy and I lost all the hair on my body. However, I was totally fine. I did not feel nauseous or anorexic, which is usually caused by the chemotherapy. I was able to go to Su-za with my sister every month.

In January 2005, I could attend the New Year’s communication party, and thankfully, Oshienushi-sama performed Okiyome to me. From that night, I discharged black diarrhea and pus for four days. From March, I was able to go back to work.

Now, one and half years have passed since having surgery, and eight months since the completion of chemotherapy, my hair had grown back well. Now, I go to the hospital every three months for a check up. It was a hard time for me to experience Misogi-Harahi, but I was able to reflect upon myself during that period.

I had received many miraculous arrangements and protection from God and Oshienushi-sama, but I have not repaid my gratitude for it. I would like to make my best effort to visit the Dojo as much as I can to be used by God. Thank you very much indeed.

– Chiyomi Honda

Struck by A Car

In 1990, my son was struck by a car on the way to school. He was thrown about 6 meters. He suffered massive fractures in the region between the pelvis and leg. While he was hospitalized, I gave him the art of divine light continuously and he could leave the hospital after only one week, without taking medicine. Even though he was diagnosed that he would be unable to walk for at least 2months, he started walking again after only one month. His recovery was surprisingly faster than doctor diagnosed!

– Takeo Morita (Canada)

GOD’s Divine Power Saved My Son

My second sun was born in January 1977. But my happiness did not last long, as the doctor informed me that he was born with a hopeless heart deformity. During second month of pregnancy I started to bleed a little and hurried to the doctor for a check – up.

The doctor said that the bleeding was a sign of a miscarriage and he sent me to hospital the same day. He started to give me hormone injections and hemostatic to avoid miscarriage. I thought that the doctor’s treatment in the hospital must have been the cause of my son being born with such a hopeless heart deformity and I blamed myself and cried every day.

I even begged the doctor to kill my son, but naturally his answer was: “No!”· He said, “I am not in a position to destroy life. Don’t be so stupid. As long as your son lives, you should protect and help him. That’s your role as a parent!” This was a painful lesson.

My son was moved from a community hospital to a more specialized university hospital. The doctor made a hole in the center of his heart to let the clearer blood circulate in the baby’s body. About a month later he could come home temporarily. There were no promises made.
More than 50% of this type of operations are not successful. It was a question of how long he would live. His life would definitely be short, even shorter if he had no operation.

When everything appeared to be so hopeless, I learned about the healing power of GOD, Mahikari no Waza, in a newspaper. I read about some miracle and thought my son might be saved by GOD. I hurried to the Spiritual Center (training place), took a three-day-course and received Omitama, a divine pendant, around my neck. Omitama works similarly to a magnifying glass. It collects the Light of God, which comes from the World of Spirit, concentrates this Light to purify everything which exists.

After this three-day-course I received Divine Light. Divine Light is the spiritual purification of the soul. The spirits of possession which are gathered around the soul and who live together with the principal spirit of a man are purified. Whilst receiving Divine Light my body was overcome by a violent movement. I had no control over it. Both of my hands closed around my neck and out of my mouth came “You die!”. Several people tried to take my hands away from my neck but the spirit’s power flung them off. That was the time when I physically experienced the power of the spirit.

At that moment I understood that my son’s heart deformity was caused by this spirit, and I learned that it was forcing the doctor to operate my child. I cannot say very clearly here the definite reason why the spirit wanted to kill my son. But what this spirit said was as follows.

In my former life I took her (the spirit’s) husband away and she suffered very much. I was very mean to her and finally I even killed her. So she resented and possessed me. I learnt about many things in my former life through this spirit.

After a while of up-grading my innermost thoughts to make them go according to GOD’s Will, that violent movement calmed down. It was really amazing that at the same time my son’s chest which had been sticking out, started gradually changing and becoming normal.

Before, my son could not cry as normal babies do, and his hands and legs were always cold and cyanosis was clearly recognized on his lips and his fingers and toes. Now hecan play with no difficulties.

I cannot find any other words than: “Thank you very much”, to the Almighty GOD, SU, and also I am confident there is no other way for my son. I am willing with all my heart and my soul to continue to work for GOD. I wish all my descendants will be able to do The Art of Divine Light forever.

by Sumiyo Sakai