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Fill up your force with Golden Color

I always illustrate the transformation of Sonen (innermost mind), with water in a cup.

The water has no color initially, it is crystal clear.

Suppose there are two colors of ink prepared next to the cup with water: Gold color and black color.

The more drops of black ink you add, the darker the water becomes.

Conversely, the water becomes brighter when you keep adding drops of gold ink.

This is exactly what can happen within you.

Your Sonen can release positive vibration, just like shining light with the golden color.

The darker shadow is indeed negative vibration that your Sonen can release.

They say, ‘if you wish to change your life, you must change.’

This is very true, and your attitude has major affect towards happiness.

However, the other truth is ‘you must change your Sonen in order to change your attitude’ since your belief and action is deeply affected by your Sonen.

Obviously, you should aim to have a good Sonen which as a higher vibration, just like a golden shining light.

The key is ‘keep adding a drop of golden ink in your cup’, and there are two inseparable methods to do this: practicing Divine Light and Changing your Sonen.

In other words, the practice of Divine Light is the force from outside, while the effort to change your Sonen is the force from inside.

underwater photography of water bubbles

Those two forces work together just like keep adding a drop of golden ink in your cup, and you must work both forces, otherwise the water in your cup will not get brighter.

The examples of the force from inside are:

– Release a sense of appreciation

– Positive thinking

– Keep a smile on your face

– Throw away any ego out of your mind

– Harmonize with love and harmony

Those efforts, as such are equal to adding a drop of golden ink toward your inner force.

And never forget to keep adding a drop of golden ink from outside by practicing Divine Light.

Both sides of the coin will perfect the transformation of your Sonen, guaranteed.

The question is, ‘how much do you keep adding a drop of golden color from both sides?’

Stay tuned.

The key is to tune in to the vibration from the universe

The Divine Teaching emphasizes the importance of practicing Divine Light in conjunction with making effort to change our Sonen. We use the analogy that both “are just like the wheels on both sides of a car.” We could also say they are like two sides of the same coin.

It would be very difficult to practice Divine Teachings and change our innermost mind WITHOUT getting Divine Light. Simultaneously, getting Divine Light WITHOUT the intention and effort to change ourselves will result in very minimal if any improvement.

We need both for our spiritual growth.

This is very true, especially when seeking your transformation.

A couple of years ago, I saw a devout religious lady on TV, lamenting about how so many people become uplifted at church by the pastor, only to forget what they learned.  

Last week, I talked about the couple who purchased a large new flat-screen TV from BestBuy shortly after counseling CFP.

They are essentially the same story, and this is because your action is deeply affected by your Sonen.

Your beliefs do motivate your mind and have you take action; however, Sonen exists on a deeper level than your beliefs.

Those real stories tell us enough that people can’t change their behavior with knowledge alone.

No matter how good or moving a story is to you, or how valuable a word of advice is that you receive, you won’t change unless your Sonen that dwells in your deepest level is improved.

Besides, we must know that real transformation happens for the first time when both Divine Light practice and changing your Sonen come together, and if they do, your transformation will take-off.

Then, how can you start changing your Sonen?

Simply put, changing your Sonen happens not through knowledge, but your practice.

And the practice that I talk about here is your action to tune in to the vibration of the universe.

To find a particular radio program, you have to set the tuner frequency to match with the proper station.

Let’s say the frequency from your soul is just like the vibration from the radio.

Interestingly, you can freely choose the type of vibration within: positive vibration or negative vibration.

There are countless frequencies out there in the world; however, the type of vibration that you always must go back to is the vibration from the universe.

To tell you the truth, the positive vibration, such as gratitude or appreciation, completely matches the vibration from the universe.

Let’s dig deeper next week…

Stay tuned.

Sonen is the real boss

When thinking of the definition of Sonen, I believe ‘subconsciousness’ is the closest.

It is deep, and hidden. But much of what we see and experience from other’s is not always real.

In movies, the actors and actresses performing often have to express different emotions, such as happiness or anger.

The more their performance is outstanding, the more you are drawn into the story, and believe it as ‘real’ (even though you know it’s just a movie).

In reality, once the actors and actresses finish filming a scene, they immediately return to normal. What they portray on screen is fake. They were acting.

Indeed, people can ‘act’ after controlling and manipulating their minds.

The mind is very important in that it controls your body.

Your body moves by following exactly what you think in your mind.

The funny thing, though, is that you can act by controlling your mind purposely.

But, Sonen is at a much deeper level.

Sonen is the spiritual aspect of your mind.

This is why so many people say, ‘I can’t change my way of thinking,’ or ‘I can’t change my behavior.’

I believe this can be one of the common challenges for all humankind: “I can’t change it.”

There is a very well-known CPA, John MacGregor, who has worked with hundreds of clients for over two decades. He said, “People can’t change their behavior.”

blue paint

In a story about a couple seeking financial advice, he said, “After a session of a couple hours, they realized how overspending was causing deep financial trouble, and they resolved to stop wasting money. ‘We are ready to stop spending and start saving!’ they declared.  But shortly after leaving my office, they purchased a large new flat screen TV from BestBuy.”

It is tough to change your behavior.

We know tons of examples that you can’t change your behavior no matter how strongly you determine your resolution in your mind.

That is because your Sonen affects your mind.

Your mind will control your action, which is true.

However, you must know that your Sonen is the real boss.

In the structure of mind controlling the body, or the mechanism of thoughts becoming actions, the sonen is at the top, controlling your mind and affecting your body.

Now, let us talk about how to transform your sonen next week.

Stay tuned.

Beautiful Presence

I used to go to summer festivals in Japan and wear a delicate and colorful Yukata that my grandmother made especially for me. A Yukata is a beautiful and informal summer Kimono (traditional Japanese garment).

The Yukata brought the spirit of summer for me. It made me enjoy the real pleasure of the season.

A faint fragrance of Grandma arose from my Yukata, bringing back memories of her, sewing my beloved Kimono.      

Over thirty years, this Yukata shined with a fresh and comforting spirit.  Every time I wore this Yukata I felt the dignifying presence of my grandmother, inspiring in my heart the importance of always keeping a high spirit.  

Things made with love have a unique presence. Things we use with love and care emit a powerful aura and increase their significances and value.

Being loved is important for things. Over the years, the objects that have been cherished will inherit the spirit of the user. A charm that wasn’t there at the moment they were created.

I think love accumulates and remains in the memory of things and creates an aura; a “beautiful presence”.

My Yukata was made with love. That love was passed on to me from my grandmother and made our relationship so special!

Everything we do establishes a relationship with people.

In my life I have always made heart to heart connections with people. Love and care for others have always been my guide.

man and woman walking on the road

For that reason, I face everything with careful consideration.

I put my sincere heart and do my best to people I meet.

“Dignity” refers to the highest level of aspiration.

When honor and worth are in the essence of words and actions, a strong connection of love is established among people.

Always do things with love and dignity for people to feel appreciated.

Take a moment to breathe deeply before you start. Remember where the creation of beloved things come from.

Be your most beautiful presence!


I have one sister.

As typical young children, we fought a lot.

Kids cannot control their emotions, and the slightest thing can cause a quarrel between siblings.

The reasons for sibling quarrels are mostly trivial, but happen all the time.

I remember getting angry when we fought, but I don’t remember the reason for it.

‘I’ll never forgive her!’

‘I will never speak to my sister again!’

I remember swearing that firmly in my mind.

However, there is another feeling I remember.

After I made a firm vow to never speak to my sister again, she would treat me kindly in a usual manner.

There were no angry vibes from her at all, and she spoke to me in a very familiar way.

Then what do you think?

My heart was filled with anger, and I had made up my mind to never speak to her again, but then I felt my angry thoughts melting away in my mind, and they completely disappeared…

And in the next moment, I would be talking to my sister, and we would be good friends again.

This was the moment I was affected by my sister’s gentle vibrations.

My furious anger was soothed by my sister’s gentle vibes.

And here’s another deeper aspect we need to understand.

Gentle vibes.

The wave of anger.

These are undoubtedly the vibrations that emanate from the mind of people.

However, there is another world behind it that significantly affects our hearts.

It is called Sonen.

Sonen (innermost mind) is the spiritual aspect of the mind, and people’s minds are affected by this fundamental Sonen.

And when people have harmony with each other, it’s not a superficial peace; it’s important to have harmony in this world of thought.

Of course, my sister and I used to fight with each other sometimes, but we always made peace with each other in the world of our Sonen.

That’s why even if we fought and got angry for a while, it was only a matter of time before we returned to our normal state.

If two people are in harmony in the Sonen, there is nothing wrong with having a tit-for-tat quarrel.

Thus, Sonen fundamentally controls your choices and actions.

That’s why

Practicing Divine Light

Improve your Sonen

Both of these are important.

So what do you need to do to improve your Sonen?

Next week, we’ll look at some tips for improving our Sonen.

Enjoy life more, and stay tuned.