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I have one sister.

As typical young children, we fought a lot.

Kids cannot control their emotions, and the slightest thing can cause a quarrel between siblings.

The reasons for sibling quarrels are mostly trivial, but happen all the time.

I remember getting angry when we fought, but I don’t remember the reason for it.

‘I’ll never forgive her!’

‘I will never speak to my sister again!’

I remember swearing that firmly in my mind.

However, there is another feeling I remember.

After I made a firm vow to never speak to my sister again, she would treat me kindly in a usual manner.

There were no angry vibes from her at all, and she spoke to me in a very familiar way.

Then what do you think?

My heart was filled with anger, and I had made up my mind to never speak to her again, but then I felt my angry thoughts melting away in my mind, and they completely disappeared…

And in the next moment, I would be talking to my sister, and we would be good friends again.

This was the moment I was affected by my sister’s gentle vibrations.

My furious anger was soothed by my sister’s gentle vibes.

And here’s another deeper aspect we need to understand.

Gentle vibes.

The wave of anger.

These are undoubtedly the vibrations that emanate from the mind of people.

However, there is another world behind it that significantly affects our hearts.

It is called Sonen.

Sonen (innermost mind) is the spiritual aspect of the mind, and people’s minds are affected by this fundamental Sonen.

And when people have harmony with each other, it’s not a superficial peace; it’s important to have harmony in this world of thought.

Of course, my sister and I used to fight with each other sometimes, but we always made peace with each other in the world of our Sonen.

That’s why even if we fought and got angry for a while, it was only a matter of time before we returned to our normal state.

If two people are in harmony in the Sonen, there is nothing wrong with having a tit-for-tat quarrel.

Thus, Sonen fundamentally controls your choices and actions.

That’s why

Practicing Divine Light

Improve your Sonen

Both of these are important.

So what do you need to do to improve your Sonen?

Next week, we’ll look at some tips for improving our Sonen.

Enjoy life more, and stay tuned.

Maintaining Real Health

“The world is going to get hotter.”

“People will be dancing the Jitterbug on the frying pan.”

The statement above is a climate prophecy spoken by First Oshienushi-sama from sixty years ago.

According to the news yesterday, some areas in Japan saw temperatures rise above 104 Fahrenheit.

Sure, that’s not uncommon in other parts of the world.

However, if you have been to Japan, you understand what I mean: it is not only the heat but also the humidity.

With such extreme humidity sweat starts to pour down your skin even when you sit still, doing nothing.

On top of that, your body can’t withstand the blazing heat of a midsummer day.

This is why Japan has seen a rapid increase of hyperthermia cases in recent years, especially since 2010.

Hyperthermia is a condition where the body is dangerously overheated, and cannot maintain normal temperature.

Under such circumstances, I seriously doubt whether they should still host Tokyo Olympics next year for safety concerns, even if it is not affected by the coronavirus, given the severely hot weather in mid-summer.

If the Olympics are to be held, I hope that all the athletes will take good care of themselves and maintain good physical condition.

As you can see, abnormal weather conditions have become more and more pronounced in recent years.

We are experiencing exactly what the First Oshienushi-sama spoke about 60 years ago.

The Divine teaching says, “Continue to improve your spirit, mind, and body in trinity.” 

If you say that you should receive God’s light and train only the spiritual aspect, that attitude is the concept of spiritualism. 

If you only cultivate your mind, or intellect, the most essential aspect of your conscience might not necessarily be uplifted.

Same thing goes if you only train your body. You might become a person who values material possessions more than spiritual principles.

After all, as Divine Light Practitioners, we are to make the balance of spiritual training, mental training, and physical training.

It is essential to improve the balance of these three aspects by practicing Divine Light and changing your innermost mind.

With the two wheels of the vehicle, your spiritual level will be elevated more and more.

By doing so, you could improve yourself spiritually, but we will also be able to overcome the current severe times no matter what mother nature unleashes.

depth of field of grass

And here’s what I want to focus on.

What does it mean to change your innermost mind? How do you do it?

The importance of shifting your thoughts is talked about in the Basic Divine Light seminar; however, what exactly does changing your thoughts mean?

Let’s learn more about the significance of ideation transformation and how to do it in depth.

We will continue next week.

Enjoy life more, and stay tuned.

Power of Prayer

With two cups of green tea at 5am in the morning, my grandmother’s day started. She offered one of the cups to our family ancestors and the other one was for herself.

As a faithful Buddhist, she offered gratitude to ancestors every morning and night no matter how busy she was.

Praying to ancestors is a very beautiful practice I learned from her since early childhood. Praying to God and ancestors became a natural ritual for me, thanks to my grandmother.

Prayer connects us with God and the people we pray for, transcending time, space, and dimension.

Prayer relaxes my mind and calms me down, creating a peaceful feeling in the midst of challenging and stressful situations.

In this unstable time caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are facing stressful situations and worrying about an uncertain future.

Praying emits positive frequency from us. Especially the prayer of appreciation and gratitude will perfectly resonate with God’s vibrations.

When your mental state is of gratitude, you will see everything in appreciation and you will find God’s Love, Wisdom and Life force in nature, people and all things.

Filling yourself with the vibrations of gratitude will also inspire others to be grateful and experience peace and joy in their lives. As a result you and other people will attract more blessings.

Prayer brings happiness to people and to yourself.

Between August 1982 and May 1983, Randolph Byrd, a professor of cardiology at the San Francisco General Hospital, conducted an experiment on the effects of prayer on patients hospitalized for heart treatment. Randomly he divided 393 patients into two groups. One group received prayer from some people while the second group did not received prayer.

To eliminate the placebo effect, the patients were not told of the experiment. Remarkably, Byrd found that the group who did not receive prayer was five times likely to need antibiotics and three times likely to develop complications compared to those who received prayer.

The people in the group who received prayer seemed to have significantly slower disease progression.

Prayer makes yourself happy!

woman clapping her hands

According to a research conducted by a brain scientist, Ms. Nobuko Nakano, it was discovered that “prayer” is an act that not only fills the hearts of others but also of our own.

If you pray for someone other than yourself, your brain will judge that you are doing good deeds. Then, pleasant substances such as dopamine, beta endorphin, and oxytocin will be secreted into your brain. As a result, you will also feel happy.

If the content of your thoughts and emotions are negative, no pleasant substance will be produced in your brain. Instead, a stress hormone called cortisol is produced, which causes frustrating emotions.

Let’s take a few moments to think about the blessings and protections we have received from God. Think about what you are thankful for. Pray for your loved ones and wish them happiness.

God, listens and grants your love wish for you and your loved ones!

Get Your Soul and Spirit into Shape Toward the New Age

When you work out, you surely feel great pain and suffering in your body.

Likewise, you sweat a lot and feel tired after exercising to shape up your body.

As time goes by; however, you will realize how the pain and suffering contributed to the transformation of your body that comes out with tight muscles and excellent shape.

The truth is that the more your muscle feel pain for the endurance of heaviness or pressure, the more muscle grows tougher and bigger.

That is how it works in the universe, and certain growth always comes after particular pain and suffering.

Now, we are in a challenging time in which humankind on the planet is experiencing hardship mentally, physically, and financially.

Know the principle that you can expect the growth of your soul and spirit by adequately going through these hard times.

We, all Divine Light practitioners, know a secret, and it is about the attitude to live along with God’s vibration.

You may be defeated by a series of challenges at the moment.

That is why we tune in to God’s vibration NOW.

People may feel worried about what will take place in their future.

That is why we keep working out spiritually NOW.

Do not allow yourself to fall into the vicious cycle of worry.

God will never neglect to support those who try seeking His power and walking with Him.

What a blessing it is that we are easily able to be fulfilled by simply putting out our palm.

I believe those two methods can meet God’s expectations during this challenging time.

– Keep up the Divine Light practice in your home (or spiritual center if opened in your State).

– Keep your innermost mind healthy by staying with the spiritual principles

Those two manners will undoubtedly gear up your transformation to be the inhabitant of heavenly earth that is manifesting from now.

Remember, we are in the age of dawn.

The world is in so much chaos at the moment in all arenas; however, we know exactly what is happening in the world now based on God’s Divine Plan.

What’s important for us to do now is be aware of the Divine Plan and keep a positive attitude

Think Positive text illustration

toward God.

Again, do not allow yourself to fall in the trap of a vicious cycle that can catch you by releasing negative vibration.

Rather, stay focused and keep releasing positive vibration, which completely matches with God’s vibration so that his blessing can surely support you.

Enjoy your life more, and stay tuned.

Challenges Make Us Grow

God’s purpose is to build a heavenly civilization on earth.

People live to be happy.

Each one of us lives in God’s Divine Plan.

These facts are what we should always keep in mind.

Each of us live to make ourselves happy, and we are called to build a world where we can support each other all over the world while giving to others.

And the leader at the center of world peace is God.

Everything in the world is driven by God’s leadership, so there is no room for argument.

And the roadmap for God to lead the world is called the Divine Plan.

Phenomena that happen in the world will happen precisely according to His Divine Plan.

And because we have learned the Divine Plan, we know exactly what will happen in the future.

What awaits us is the bright future, the manifestation of heaven on earth.

But before we can get to this heaven on earth, God sets up a ‘mechanism for progress’.

You could say that this ‘mechanism for progress’ is a necessary test for those who live in heaven on earth.

We don’t know in what way these trials will manifest themselves to us individually.

I believe that severe trials can occur for individuals or society as a whole, such as physical sickness or economic challenges, whatever it can be.

It can be said that COVID-19, which is happening now, is also a test for all of humanity.

This COVID-19, which is happening on a human scale, requires all of humanity to overcome the ordeal in unison.

And there is one interesting fact.

It is precisely in times of adversity that people can grow in terms of human progress.

For example, let’s say your business is doing well.

New customers are added.

Products sell well.

The stock price goes up.

Everything you do is going well, and your employees’ lives are safe.

Your competitor is envious of your success.

However, when it’s smooth sailing, there’s a certain mentality that comes into play: “We’re going to be beautiful just the way we are.”

The next thing you know, your competitors have overtaken you, and this is when the adversity part of the whole cycle begins.

You and your employees will be desperately trying to think of ways to get the business back on track.

And the truth is, it is in times like these when people grow to great heights.

And now, all humanity is going through a challenging time.

COVID-19 negatively impacted the health and economic wealth of individuals?

However, one thing is clear: this COVID-19 is also a pathway for humanity to find the Kingdom of Heaven.

five birds flying on the sea

So how should we get through these difficult times? 

Everything is orchestrated by God, and the only result that we will see is prosperity.

And we, Divine Light practitioners, know how to get through these difficult times.

We will continue next week.

Enjoy your life more, and stay tuned.